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Who We Are

Careermums, started in 2013, is the first job portal in Singapore catering to non-traditional full time employment.

Today, in view of the paradigm shift brought about by COVID-19, many companies are taking steps towards hybrid working environments, where teams can work both remotely and in the office.
We too, have decided to pivot our business to include all job openings, including full-time roles. We are now rebranded as Careermums PLUS. We continue to provide job-seekers, whether they are mums or not, a channel to search for new career opportunities.

If you are an employer and looking to hire, list your job with us now at https://www.careermums.com.sg/jobs/add/


What We Do

In CareermumsPLUS, we encourage candidates to apply directly to the jobs listed on our portal that most fit their profiles. Employers will contact them if they are shortlisted for the positions that the candidates applied for.

CareermumsPLUS do not provide recruitment, placement or outsourcing services for employers.


Why Careermums

Careermums is committed to be THE most helpful job board website in Singapore to both mothers and employers who are seeking to provide work-life balance in their organisations.


Our Partners

Need help in career coaching? Careermums is proud to partner with Mums@Work , a portal that provides guidance on career skills, especially for mummies who wish to return to the workforce or start their own businesses.

Established since 2006, Worklife Solutions is one of Singapore’s leading HR consultancy firms that specialize in work-life programmes, workplace redesign and wellness training. Our services extend to a large assortment of organizations, regardless of their size and industry.

Our clientele includes organizations from the Government sector, Government linked agencies, Multinational companies (MNCs), and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). To provide a holistic range of services to our clients, we have partnered with several agencies, consultants and trainers to synergize our efforts and to create value added services.

For more information about our services and programmes, do feel free to visit our webpage at www.greatworksolutions.com or drop us an email at enquiry@greatworksolutions.com today!

Indigo Drey | www.thecandidateschool.com was established as a candidate training outfit by two recruiting veterans. We believe that there are no perfect candidates but allowing for a few really bad apples, neither are there truly bad candidates. Just misdirected, misguided and misinformed ones. Whether you are a trying to get back into the workforce, new talent fresh out of school, early talent and pushing forward, middle management making that decisive push or a senior executive seeking to apply a lifetime of experience. Our objective is to support you in your quest for a fulfilling career.