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  • How Employers Benefit

    Employers benefit from hiring from our pool of professional working mothers as well, but how? Tap into our source of professional working mothers today and...

  • Why Employ Mums?

    Tap into our source of professional mothers and experience the difference.

  • How to Participate

    Take the first step here and find out how a flexi-hour career benefit you today.

  • What People Say

    Testimonials from employers and working mothers like yourself.

  • Who are We

    The first portal of its kind, Careermums provides a platform for employers & mothers to benefit from working non-traditional hours.

  • Working Moms Struggle with Work-Life Balance

    “US – American mothers may have overworked themselves to bring home the bacon which results in spending less time with their children.” More than four...

  • More flexi-time Jobs Seen for Working Moms

    “Singapore – With much emphasis being placed on talent retention today, companies in Singapore are taking steps to accommodate to the needs of working mothers....

  • Time to Embrace Flexi-work

    “OFFERING employees the freedom to work fewer and more flexible hours could help companies trim costs and lift productivity amid the downturn. ” Fewer hours...

  • Mothers cry for more Flexitime

    “Singapore – Working mothers in Singapore want more flexible working schedules to help them strike a better balance between family and work.” With 40% of...

  • Career, Family? Family, Career?

    “Imagine this scenario: You just had a new baby and returned to work from your maternity leave. Your boss although says that he/she values work-life...