Benefits for a freelancing career mum

We all know what it’s like to juggle several different strands of our lives, attempting to keep them aloft. It couldn’t possibly get any harder … until you become a parent. You have a little person relying on you to be there for them, and yet you have to leave them in order to maintain your career and income.

It’s at times like this that we begin to really consider our options. Free time: what is that? No, I don’t have time to play on or attend a concert, thank you very much. What can we do though? Should we quit work? Downsize our role?

Have you ever considered working freelance? More and more companies hire freelancers, and it would certainly ease a lot of the pressure. Here’s why:

Flexibility – Your hours will be far more flexible. Working from home allows you to start work the moment you are ready. So, once you’ve taken care of the morning family routine. And you can schedule everything else in easier, because you aren’t necessarily working to an unreasonable deadline.

No commute – The biggest time waster for all working mums is the commute to work. It wastes time we could spend doing something productive. Without the commute you have spare minutes to sort out the personal problems, before you delve into your work load.

Control – You have control over your role. If you want to take on a project, you can. If you don’t have time, you can reject it. There isn’t a boss breathing down your neck making you feel uncomfortable about your obligations elsewhere.

Work anywhere – You can literally work anywhere, because work has become portable. While waiting in the car to pick someone up, as you walk the dog, on the sofa once you’ve done the laundry.

Of course there is the drawback of less pressure causing you to slack off, but let’s face it, we all need a little control of our working and personal lives. Becoming a freelancer allows this.

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