Benefits of Providing Flexibility at Work.

There are some intangible benefits that employers may have overlooked and thus missed out this kind of win-win situation arrangements within their organizations.

1. It retains your staff
Instead of losing your staff that leave the company because they are unable to juggle family and work, providing flexibility at work removes the stress of balancing their work and life commitments. Staff stays happier and are more willing to put in extra effort to the company.

2. It reduces turnover and absenteeism
Your staff can use flexible start and finish times to manage appointments and emergencies rather than missing work or taking urgent leave.

3. It Increases productivity
Your staff will be more loyal, committed, motivated and engaged and enjoy working at your organisation, which contributes to greater productivity, customer service and organisational performance.

4. It manages manpower costs
By hiring part-time/freelance staff, it means cutting down on salary and other overhead costs such as medical, annual leave, medical leave etc. For companies that do not require a full headcount for certain business or operational functions, this is an ideal arrangement for both employer and staff.

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