Busy mummies’ guide to building an effective and efficient wardrobe

By Maninder Krishnan  (Image & Me) 

Mummies, especially working mummies, don’t have too much time for themselves, let alone time to spend in front of their wardrobe working out how to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time.
A lot of Image & Me’s clients are busy mummies with kids aged anywhere between 2 years old to 10 years old. What they are looking for are rules, tips, guidelines on how they can achieve a personal style that is practical so they can look good and feel great without wasting time and energy on their wardrobe.

Here are key guidelines on how to start afresh to lay the foundation of a wardrobe collection that evolves over time into your unique personal style.
1. Know your ‘style personality’: Your ‘style personality’ is the style that you are most comfortable and confident with. The key to recognizing your style personality is being able to articulate very clearly what you think is stylish and knowing how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

What are the design details you like, do you prefer structured shapes or unstructured silhouette, do you like patterns and prints and if you do then how much of it are you comfortable with? How many accessories are you happy to wear and what kind – classic pieces or statement necklaces or accessories made out of unconventional materials? Describe your style in words, for example: some people use words like ‘colourful’, ‘fuss free’, ‘practical’, ‘pretty’, ‘bold’ to describe what they want to achieve with their clothing. See if these words apply to what you are considering to buy or wear and this will help you make the right clothing choices.

2. Build your wardrobe with quality items or the best you can afford. Cheap fabrics and fast fashion only lasts for so long and in the long run you end up spending more money buying cheap clothes versus investing in quality items. With small kids around, while silk might not be a practical choice, good quality durable cotton can be the right option.

3. Use accessories to convey your unique personality. Most style savvy women understand the importance of spending time and money on accessories. Accessories help make your wardrobe versatile. With young babies it is not very practical to wear earrings or necklaces but you can wear tops or dresses with details like embroidery around the neckline. Your hair style and make-up is your accessory as well. Get a hairstyle that suits your face shape and does not need too much effort to style. Discuss in detail with your hairstylist the maintenance required for the hairstyle that you wish to go for. Be very specific in explaining your lifestyle needs and the best hairstylist will usually offer you alternative options. Finally, learn what is the basic make-up that
will suit you and which application techniques are effective. Once you make it a part of your routine, adding the finishing touch of make-up to complete your look will not be too much of an

4. Finally, shop smart! Before you buy something think about how many times you foresee yourself wearing it, if it’s just for a wedding or a birthday party, then it probably won’t be your smartest buy. An effective wardrobe is one where every item in your collection can be worn at any time, at work or outside, with the right kind of accessories to suit the formality level.
With these guidelines in place, you can slowly work towards building your wardrobe collection that works to suit your image and lifestyle needs at all times.

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