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Daphne Ling, mother of 2 and the winner of the Best Parenting Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 | Mother, INC , also runs an online business Child Label.

Working full-time in the media industry as a Corporate Comms, Daphne made the big decision to become a SAHM after the kids came along.  On how she sees the difference between being a SAHM-cum-business owner and working in a full time job, “ I have to be a lot more disciplined in managing my time and sometimes that means working late into the night when the kids are asleep. In a full time job, work ended once I left the office. But these days, I’m lucky if I can sneak in an hour here and there to catch up on work – the kids are still my priority. I also get paid much less now and there’s very little job security but it’s a trade off I’m willing to make.”

Daphne‘s parenting blog, Mother, INC,  gives a wonderful and humorous insight on life with 2 young kids that will definitely brighten up the day of any mum and dad reading the posts.  Below is an abstract from her blog on a witty way to find out if you are a Stay-Home mother material.

Quiz time: Am I stay-home mom material?

by Daphne on April 26, 2011

Quizzes seem to be all the rage of late so here’s one for all the moms who aren’t sure if they should be taking the plunge into the magical world of stay-home motherhood.

This conundrum has troubled moms ever since the first woman decided to put on her working clothes and infiltrate the working world. Now more than ever, mothers have to decide whether to maximize the degree by going out and earning an income or giving it all up for their little bundles of joy.

Seeing that I have first-hand experience on this particular topic, I’ve developed a very scientific quiz to help you along.

Give yourself 2 points for every time you answer A, 1 point for B and 0 points for C. Here we go.

1. Do you enjoy getting yelled at just for fun?

a) Love it!

b) Sometimes, I guess.

c) I have a tendency to send a flying kick to the jaw when I get yelled at.


2. Are you good at talking to yourself all day?

a) It’s something I’ve done since childhood with my imaginary friend Pooky.

b) Only if I’ve had enough vodka.

c) I point and laugh at anyone who talks to themselves.


3. Describe your poop-cleaning abilities.

a) Legendary – can do it with my eyes closed and both hands tied behind my back.

b) Decent – good enough to survive.

c) Do I look like I will come within 50 metres of poop in these Louboutins?


4. How do you usually tackle a screaming toddler?

a) With a stern look and a word or warning.

b) With some gummies and a little compromise.

c) With an uppercut and a smackdown.


5) Do you have some reserves stashed away in the Cayman Islands?

a) I also have some in Switzerland and an aluminium pack in my freezer.

b) I’m conservative, just a regular bank account.

c) I prefer to spend my moolah, mostly on Louis Vuittons and Jimmy Choos.


6) How many days can you go without bathing and making the toilet?

a) My all-time record is 11 days, 6 hours and 47 minutes.

b) A day or 2, I suppose.

c) Are you kidding? Making the toilet is my special time in the day. Every day.


7. Do you mind if your child calls your maid mommy every once in a while?

a) I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a fork.

b) Not entirely keen on the idea but hey, that’s life.

c) You mean the maid’s name is not mommy?



10 to 14 points: Congratulations, this is your destiny. Time to tender that resignation and whip out those hair curlers.

5 to 9 points: Can’t really help you there. Could go both ways, you’d do well working or staying home with the kids.

1 to 4 points: Whatever you do, don’t quit that day job.

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