Emily – Mum / Unix Support Engineer

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An interview with Emily

Q : Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I work in an American IT Company  as an Unix support engineer. I have a boy of age 7 years old.


Q: When did you start working from home and why did you make that decision?

I started working from this company one year and 3 months ago. I was given the opportunity to work from home after I was offered the job and it came as a pleasant surprise for me. 🙂


Q: What are your working hours like in this work-from-home (wfh) job?

We have engineers doing support 24 x 5. This is a follow the SUN model as such my working hour start from 7am – 4pm, right after US timezone. This wfh option just benefit me with such an earlier working hour. I don’t have to wake up too like 5am to prepare for work.


Q: What is the biggest benefit you see from working from home?

It saves me time and travelling expenses. 


Q: In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of working from home?

Pros: Saves travelling expenses and time. 

Cons: Tend to have longer working hours sometimes and shortened lunchtime if I’m busy. No interaction with colleagues.


Q : What are the changes you have seen in the employer’s sentiments towards providing Flexiwork Work Arrangements (FWA) between 10 years back and now?

I noticed that more and more employers are allowing the wfh model. This allows them to cut cost in term of office space and other expenses incurred in office.


Q : If you were given the chance, would you switch back to a traditional full-time office based work again?

It will depend on how much I am interested in the job and the working conditions provided.


Q : In your opinion, do you think working from home is for every mum? Why?

In fact, I think it is for both mums and dads. It is actually based on personal preferences. Some people might like to work in office for a more sociable environment. Some might like to wfh and has the flexibility to juggle their time if the work environment permits.



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