For mums new to CareermumsPLUS

How does CareermumsPLUS work?

CareermumsPLUS works to provide a matching platform for all to suit their career objectives. Ideally the job seekers should be under the PMET (Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians) category. Join our mailing list to receive regular newsletters from us, with useful articles and what are the current featured job listings.

I am a looking for a part-time job, can someone from CareermumsPLUS help me look for one?

CareermumsPLUS do not provide recruitment or placement services to job seekers and employers.  We provide the platform for employers and mothers to “meet”.  All job requirements, working arrangements and contact details are stated by employers in the job posting and job seekers are to apply to the job directly to the employers.

Is my information confidential?

Please rest assured that we carry ourselves with integrity. We respect and protect your privacy. Your personal information will not be released to anyone or any employer without your knowledge or approval.

What kind of part time/flexi jobs are available in the market right now?

Currently, the more common professional part time or flexible jobs are in the Accounting/Payroll, Healthcare, Advertising and Education/Training sector. We hope to widen the net to all other sectors including IT, HR, Engineering etc.

What is the benefit of switching to part time/flexi work?

Foremost, as a mother, you get to spend more time with your family and yet earn an income to supplement the family expenses. And as your job search will be targeted at part time/flexi openings that match your qualifications and work experience, you probably will still feel the same job satisfaction that you get if you were working full time.

Part time/flexi work is uncommon in Singapore, how easy would it be for me to find such jobs?

Yes, in the current society, part time/flexible work is indeed not common. That is why we need more mothers to stand up, register with us, and allow us to create enough awareness to companies out there that there is a need for such employment. Once companies recognize the need, part time/flexible jobs opportunities could be created and start a totally new trend in the market.

Are there any minimum requirements that I have to meet to register or apply for any jobs posted on your job portal?

We only ask that you are genuinely interested in looking for part time/flexible employment. If you are mother who has tertiary education, worked at least a few years professionally before and only gave up your full time career for your family, you will be an ideal candidate for CareermumsPLUS.  As for the technical job requirements, it will be for the companies who have posted their job openings to assess and review. Should you be shortlisted by the companies for any jobs that you have applied for, you will be contacted by the company directly for any interview arrangements.

If I am on your mailing list only and did not fill in any sign up form, do I still need to register and create a resume profile with CareermumsPLUS?

If you had only joined our mailing list you will need to register and create a resume profile with us if you want your profile to be searchable by the employers.

Do I need to Register an account in order to apply for jobs on your job board?

You DO NOT need to register an account or login to apply for any jobs on our portal.

For Employers

What are the benefits of hiring staff on freelance/part time/flexi basis?

Studies show that people are prepared to leave their current jobs for roles that offer better work-life balance, even at reduced pay. Providing flexible work arrangements is just one of the many ways that an employer can provide work-life balance for their staff. For more information on the benefits of flexible work arrangements, click here.

My company would like to post a job on your website, what are the charges like?

Click here to see our pricing. We have different package to cater for your different requirement.

Will CareermumsPLUS source the candidates that we want for us?

We do not provide and recruitment, placement or outsourcing services. Employers who post their job listings on the website will receive responses directly from the job applicants and will have to conduct their own shortlisting and interviewing processes.  We do not charge anything to the job seeker or employer even for successful hiring by the employers through the listings on our portal.  We do no hold responsibility for the candidates that respond to the job postings.