Flexiwork Mums Mingling Session 2014 Event Update

Snapshots taken from this week’s Flexiwork Mums Mingling Session 2014. We had 25 employers and 270 mums attending another full house event. Expectations were exchanged and many employers went back feeling overwhelmed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the participating mums. We are sure more opportunities will happen with this mingling session and this is just the beginning of more potential flexi-roles coming our way.

Not all attending employers may have ready flexi-roles to hire but all were present because they have recognized the need to adopt new ways of work and embrace more flexibility in their organizations.

We may still be taking amateur steps to bring more mums back to the workforce, nevertheless, one mum hired is still one step taken. Let’s work together to a more work-life friendly working society in Singapore!

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