Hurfrin Peh – Mum / Manager


“Sometimes in life, just because you are not aware of something does not mean that it does not exist, or is too good to be true…

Being a working mom is a real challenge. I used to be part of the ‘normal’ workforce responding to the call of the 8-hour office day. In reality, it was often more than 8 hours. Day in and out, this really took its toll on my quality time with the family. That is why it has been a real relief for me to have finally escaped the shackles of the corporate world. Starting my own business has given me full control of my time, allowing me to achieve the elusive but much coveted work-life balance.

It was a real blessing when my friend gave me the opportunity to work with Wealth Foundation, the master distributor of the A2A range of real estate solutions in Singapore. I was actually living in the States with my husband for the past 5 years and it was this business that made us come back and believe that we could give this new life a shot.

We went with our gut feeling and took the leap of faith. I am now in my 3rd year in the business and have absolute control over my time, my working style and within 6 months have been able to match what I used to earn in a year. I could never give up the lifestyle that I enjoy now. I relish the field trips I go on with my 6-year-old daughter, such as going to the playground or visiting museums in the afternoons. I can attend parent-teacher meetings and have leisurely breakfasts with the kid. My marriage has also benefitted from being able to go on date nights and concerts with my husband even during the weekdays. As you can imagine, this was near impossible previously!

And meaningfully, I have been able to build real relationships with those around me here at Wealth Foundation and am able to attain great fulfillment by being able to offer the same opportunity to other working mums, helping them feel the same achievement as I do. It is exciting to help other people attain their happy state of both family and fortune and secure a comfortable retirement fund. Take it from me, it is possible to have work and family balance and still earn what you deserve!”

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