Jaime Kong – Mum / Sales & Marketing Manager

An Endless Role, By Default a Multitude of Responsibilities (BdMOR)

Juggling career, kids and home an easy feast? As a mother, when she start feeling relieve that her toddler no longer need her 24/7 attention, then comes the pre-school craze, the primary years, the youth “identity” crisis, with each phase in its own possess a unique set of challenges. Not forgetting about the needs of her family, her personal time all in all incorporating her quest to find balance to be productive at work? That is quite a chunk of what I labelled as “BY DEFAULT MULTITUDE OF RESPONSIBILITIES (BdMOR)”for many career mums to throw in the towel isn’t it?

So let’s put it together. A women and in this context of sharing i.e. A career mum’s role is upon all else must be able to handle her “BdMOR” till death does her part. That per se does not mean ANY easier for full time, flexi or part time mothers. Right? Seemingly unfair but women somehow can handle such stress better than men where they tend to become more “prosocial” and exhibit the ability of understanding the perspectives of others.

Many career mums see the quest to find relatable role models has been nothing but stressful. Super mums, who seem to have it all can be deem as non-inspirational and destructive. In fact, they are so seemingly unreal which can have many growing green with envy. Yet there are still many real women out there who are able to navigate career successfully after children. Their success can takes many form thus setting your expectations on whom you want to seek positive vibes with is important.

Sadly, it is an uncommon trend for flexi or part time professional work in our society. How many times have we heard negative comments that such an arrangement is less than productive, has to subdue to a salary gap, be bypass for career advancement opportunities? I can tell you, countless and that is reality. Stereotyping is meant to stay for now but I believe we are still our best asset. Being ready, upgrade your skills, prosocial and sincere to contribute can hardly work against you.

Hi, I am Jaime, a mother to two bubbling sons ages 9 and 4. I quitted my work to be a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM) when I was 4 months pregnant with my second child. This role stayed for a good 3 years. It was not easy, in fact it was so tough initially that I broke down so many times. The scariest part was that no one knew including myself that I was suffering post-natal blues. I am thankful that my hubby supported me through the transition and most importantly gave me a choice to be there to witness the boys’ early years.

As a strong believer that education is so much more than mainstream academic led me to assume my current role 2 years ago as the marketer for Certiport Singapore, a leader in providing industry accredited skill competencies and certification opportunities. When the role was offered, my key requirement to my boss was simple, “flexibility”.

I am thankful that my boss still honours his promise. Marketing and securing academic certification sales is my main role. On a weekly basis, I work about 4 days or shorter hours so as to coach my boys at home with their studies and during their exam period, the flexibility to work from home. The best part is I can beat the crowd and not caught in peak periods while bring the kids out in the afternoon. Such flexibility and trust from my team has continuously spur me to earnestly contribute to my best. My job also requires me to travel twice yearly to attend conferences and this is where I will rope in my hubby and my parents to be around throughout my absence.

Our lives are much busier than ever but definitely more balance. As for the weekends, our boys takes top priority.

Jaime Kong



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