Melinda Ng – Mum / Founder of Impetus Search

What is the main difference between a job and a career?

A job is where you get paid to fulfill a set of responsibilities and then hope to pack up at 5pm to go home. A career is dream which is uniquely created by yourself and for 24 hours a day, your heart beats to make this dream come true. This is a career you are passionate about it and it serves a great purpose in defining your life journey. It makes you smile when you wake up every morning, knowing that you have so many brand new hours ahead of you to do what you enjoy doing and excel at. There is one lucky lady who has been counting her blessings, for she has been getting paid to do what she likes for over the past ten years!


Melinda Ng entered recruitment with passion and purpose. Passion energizes her, breathes life into her. Purpose creates meaning and it’s about committing to her passion in recruitment. These have made her a highly credible recruiter in the Legal & Compliance arena. While she has been pursuing her career, blessed with a wonderful domestic helper / nanny of 7 years, and a truly supportive husband, Melinda has harbored guilt for not spending more time with her daughters- just like any other working mothers.


Encouraged by her family, Melinda took a plunge and decided to move her career into the comfort of her own home. She started her own search firm in July 2011- Impetus Search where she combines her two greatest loves; recruitment and motherhood.Her “new colleagues”- daughters Alphina, age 10 and Seraphina, age 6 couldn’t be more ecstatic to have their mummy with them all the time. A perfectionist never compromises on the quality of her work. Indeed, Melinda’s productive work hours are when the girls are in school in the morning; in the afternoon, Melinda welcomes her daughters home to have lunch together and also, to exchange stories about their respective adventures at work and in schools. While Melinda continues her work, her daughters sit beside her to complete their daily homework and revision.


The seemingly countless minutes or even hours of crawling through CTE tunnels after work have now been transformed into stress-free play time with her daughters. The new change has also helped to maintain their family wellness; the family of four has been swimming regularly 3 times per week, exercising more than the 150 minutes per week guide set by Health Promotion Board!


Is it any surprise that Melinda is loving her life even more now?


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