True Calling – Mother & Baby [September 2011]

Elynn Liew couldn’t find a job to suit her new lifestyle, so she created one for herself, by starting an online job portal for working mums.

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It’s a dilemma many working mothers face — balancing career and family. So, when Elynn Liew found it increasingly challenging to juggle her time after her second child, Ning Xuan, 2, arrived, she bit the bullet and did something about it.

In September last year, this former HR executive started Careermums afer quitting her job. It’s an online job portal for mothers who are looking for jobs on a part-time, freelance or flexi-time basis.

Explains Elynn, 33, who is also mum to Tai Yi, 5, “Initially, I thought maybe I could switch to a part-time position, but they were either hard to find or unsuitable. I started this business because I needed it.”

Her husband, Elson Lee, 34, who is in the property business, has thrown his weight behind his wife’s fledgling venture. A year after starting Careermums, Elynn believes that she has found her work-life balance. While her bold career move hasn’t raked in the moolah — “not yet!” — she has gained in flexibility, freedom and control.

Says Elynn, who works from home, “I save time on commuting and work when the kids are at school. It’s easier for me to discipline, guide and play with them — it’s a closeness that cannot be bought.”

Now that she is master of her time, she even “slacks off” occasionally, to bring her kids for small treats or activities, and catches up on work after tucking them in at night.

Elynn is thrilled that she dared to stick her neck out and start her own business. She enthuses, “With more forward-thinking companies willing to employ mothers flexibly, I hope that Careermums will help more women find a work-life balance.”

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