By Sher-li Torrey (Mums@Work Singapore)interview

During our recent MUMcentric Career Workshop, many mums shared their greatest fear – difficult interviewing questions. Interviews, in general, are terrifying. It’s even worse when you are a mother who is either (a) returning to the workforce or (b) asking for a change in job-nature (such as a flexiwork position).

There are many methods of ‘aceing interviews’ out there, and a ton of books that will teach you how to answer competency-based questions.

The trick to being a good interviewee is to be confident of your skills-sets and to clearly (but not excessively) communicate this during the brief session.

When you get into the minds of a person who wants to recruit, there are 4 fundamental questions they want to know from the candidate:

1)Do you have the right skills for this job?
2)Are you dedicated to my company? (Concerns about your time needed for family)
3)Are you still relevant?
4) Will you be able to fit in with the rest of my team?

The specific questions may not be asked in these exact words – but theses concerns will frame the questions asked. It is therefore essential that you have given thought to these questions before you even begin.
Even a simple “Tell me about yourself” can allow you to highlight your talents (I have more than 10 years of marketing experience, from working in SMEs to huge MNCs), communicate your enthusiasm (I am at a point in my life when my career is taking centrestage once again.) and display your relevance in the modern working world (I have been taking online IT courses and am now as techno-savvy as my teenage son.)

Such statements, in a simple answer to “Tell me about yourself” already sets the direction of the interview in your favour.
So who says interviewing is so hard?

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