Waifen – Mum / Project Manager

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An interview with Waifen

Q : Tell us a little bit about yourself. (age, how many kids and their age, where are you working now and as, etc)

I am in my mid-thirties, currently working as a Project Manager with an IT firm aZaaS Pte Ltd. I have a caring husband and one 5 year old talkative girl.

Q: When did you start working from home and why did you make that decision?

I started working from home in 2011. I would prefer working from home as it allows me to take care of my daughter when she is not able to go child care as children always get sick and may be 1-2 weeks cannot go child care. Moreover I do not have a maid or others help to take care of my child. It also allows me to do some housework during lunch time and save a lot of travel time.

Q: What are your working hours like in this work-from-home job?

Working hours is still 9am – 6pm.

Q: What is the biggest benefit you see from working from home?

It allows me to spend more time with my child and cook healthy meal for my family. This also provides me income to support the family.

Q: In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of working part-time?

For working part-time the main concern is when the company does not have jobs for you, the company will ask you leave immediately and part time staff will not entitle to any incentives or benefits. The good thing on part time is, you can spend more time with family.

Q : What are the changes you have seen in the employer’s sentiments towards providing Flexiwork Work Arrangements (FWA) between 10 years back and now?

More and more employers are willing to accept work from home concept and allow their staff to balance between work and family life.  With internet and online meeting tools, it helps a lot in coordination between colleagues and customers. Employees must be online all the times and answer every call during working hours.

Q : If you were given the chance, would you switch back to a traditional full-time office based work again?

I will try not to switch back to a traditional full-time office based work unless no other choice.

Q: What words of encouragement will you give to the mothers out there on achieving work-life balance?

Be focus on work during working hours and try to let your employers knows that after office hour is your family time unless very urgent issue that need to be solved.


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