7 Ways That Will Make You More Productive


As a working mother, the time of our lives is measured by the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Every activity that we do has a corresponding unit of time in which it is measured.  In the same way, every idle time we spend without purpose is a measure of time wasted away.

Productivity means the ability to spend each unit of our time in activities that will bring benefit into our lives. Even if time was idly spent, if there was any benefit derived, then it was not spent in vain.

How then can we be most productive?

To increase our productivity, we must be motivated to allot every second of our lives in some beneficial activity. Think of it this way. Our living consists basically of our working to provide for all our living necessities. We need enough food and water – we consume these three times a day, with snacks in-between. That means we need to earn so much to cover these necessities. We need enough clothing and other apparel, and these we change everyday, sometimes more often. We need adequate shelter for us to sleep and rest. We need convenience facilities to make our lives easier. We need to be able to provide for all of these, as well as for our dependents if we have. And lastly, we also need to plan for our life in the future when we retire. Indeed, we need to have our productivity increased.

Here are 7 ways we can follow for us to be more productive.

     1.   Keep yourself healthy – physically and spiritually.

As a worker, our person is like a factory. We produce the required output from our work, and our body is the machine that produces it. If this machine goes out of order, our production will suffer and we will be unable to supply our needs.

To continue being productive, we need to keep ourselves healthy – physically and spiritually. It is not only our physical body that needs to be healthy but also our mind, emotion, and innermost being as well.  To keep our bodies healthy, we need to have proper nutrition and enough exercises. To keep our mind and emotion healthy, as well as our innermost being, we need to meditate.

     2.   Maintain a work life balance

It is not easy to maintain a work life balance given the fast pace of live we have today.  But it is possible, for example, try to work part-time instead of full-time and enjoy more time with the people that matters to you. If it is not possible to work part-time, try ask for flexible work arrangements.

     3.   Be financially healthy

Keep your balance of accounts positive. Avoid debt at all times. Live within your means. If your balance turns negative, do all you can to fill up the deficit. You need to be financially healthy to avoid pitfalls in your productivity. It is difficult to recover when you have fallen into one.

     4.   Stay happy

Being happy will ensure your productivity. There is no greater distraction than having something to worry about. It destroys your focus on your work and weakens your determination to produce the output required. Stay happy by avoiding worrisome situations. Make use of pointers in living a happier life each day.

     5.   Plan ahead

Maintain a list of Things To Do each day. Prepare it before bedtime so you will have time to think of approaches to ensure all is done as planned. And stick to your plan. Do not leave anything for another day except when there’s a requirement yet to be done.

     6.   Make the most of your time – manage it properly

Implement your plan as scheduled. Do not let mood swings get in the way. Just do it. Think as if there’s no other day left to do it. After they’re done, you can then move on to other tasks in line.

     7.   Optimize the usage of your resources

If you are able to make the most out of your resources, your productivity will surely increase. Your resources include your energy, time, money, opportunities and people close to you. Allot your energy wisely. Do not do things that would dispel your energy without accomplishing anything. Do not waste your time on tasks that will not lead you to perform your job requirement. Be quick to spot opportunities that would enable you to deliver, even if it means asking for other people’s helping hand.

Try to apply the ways described above and you will surely increase your productivity. And be able to live a better, happier life.

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